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Barrel Draw - Know your place in line!

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Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

If you do not see your carrier listed or do not receive our messages, please contact our support with your phone number and carrier.


Your Friend In Line:

Draw Alerts sends text messages to you with the last draw number called so you won't miss a run. Draw Alerts start with warnings before the race. Your alerts stop after your draw number is called.

About every 10 minutes usually during a drag a text message will go out to the next 20-30 contestants in line. The message will include the last draw number called and the time to beat.

Example text messages received on your phone:

     Cur Draw 0
     Your Draw 275
     "Race starts in 10 minutes"

     Cur Draw 239
     Your Draw 275
     Win 15.023


Signing Up:

Enter your cell number and draw number if you have one. You can easily enter you draw number by text message later. If you leave your draw number empty, you will get all calls.

Press Submit, you will receive a simple text message on your mobile device. Hit Reply and Send. This will confirm your number. That's it. Your carrier's plan may charge for text messages.

Even More Options:

Enter or update your draw number. Respond to any text with just your draw number. Barrel Alerts will update your info with the new draw number. To receive alerts on more than one run in a race, update to the next draw number at any time with a reply, number. If you never enter a draw number or enter a zero you will get every text of the race start to finish.

Canceling is simple. Reply at any time with any of these words; Stop, Quit, No, Done, Cancel. Also, your cell number will be automatically removed after your draw number is called unless you update to a new draw number. After the race, the list will be retired and all numbers will be marked Opt Out.

Text Commands:


Reply Yes to first text - Opt In

Number reply - Updates/adds draw number to your record

"All" or "0" - You will receive all messages for a race. Clears your draw.

"?"  or "Reply" - Sends last scheduled alert

Stop, Quit, No, Cancel, Out, "Stop all" - Opt out of the alerts


Producers, How to Add Barrel Draw to Your Event:

Contact us with your event / race schedule. We will add your event to the home page so your riders can sign up for text alerts. Someone will be required to be at the event with Internet access. They will need to update Barrel Draw every drag or more often with the current draw number.  That is how all riders are alerted.